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Healthcare Information Solutions & Services Exclusively for Community & Public Health since 1983


We’re expert in clinical operations, FQHC and public health billing, collection services, real-time support, and best practices training.

We know that no two health centers are alike, and each has its own unique needs. That’s why we offer a broad range of comprehensive Vision:CHC-related services that we tailor to each health center's specific needs.

Vision:CHC Support through our Help Desk that delivers:

  • 100% US-based support team
  • Real-time response with calls answered by experienced Account Managers, who are expert in community and public health.
  • Easy communications through telephone, email, and our ManageNet web-based communications platform.
  • On-going refresher training by our industry-expert staff.

On-site Vision:CHC “Best Practices” Training Services provided by our FQHC, CHC, and public health experts who enable the health center to realize:

  • Superior clinical and operational practices.
  • The most effective and efficient use of Vision:CHC.

Vision:CHC Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Services that enable a health center the option of out-sourcing its billing and collection of claims through use of Vision:CHC to achieve:

  • Efficient and timely billing performed by expert MSI-trained staff.
  • Seamless coordination between the health center and the outside billing.
  • On-going monitoring of the health center's accounts receivable.
  • Prompt follow-up of denied claims and patient self-pay billing.

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