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Healthcare Information Solutions & Services Exclusively for Community & Public Health since 1983


We specialize solely in community and public health. Our solutions are specifically designed for health centers to advance patient care and strengthen staff productivity.

We have continually served community-based health centers for nearly 30 years. We know that no two health centers are alike, and each has its own unique needs. Vision:CHC provides maximum flexibility, superior value, and the broadest array of features and functions designed specifically for community health centers and public health departments.

Vision:CHC is a fully-integrated electronic health records and practice management (EHR/PM) system. Vision:CHC’s automated clinical and operational workflow enables each health center to document patient encounters at the point of care and prevent errors that result in denials and payment delays.

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Vision:CHC EHR Vision:CHC PM
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Vision:CHC for Public Health Vision:CHC Dashboard
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Vision:CHC includes robust interfaces with:
  • Dental records systems
  • Behavioral health systems
  • Case management systems
  • Social services systems
Vision:CHC is scalable to any size health center and can be deployed locally or hosted remotely.
Vision:CHC Reports

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