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“We converted to Vision:CHC EHR from one that we had been using for several years. We are pleased that the transition was much smoother and took less time than we had anticipated. MSI’s Chief Medical Officer and trainers worked closely with our clinic staff prior to and during the conversion process. Also, our providers were able to watch MSI’s online tutorials in their spare time which was beneficial to our staff.”

Danny Harper. Chief Operating Officer
Roane County Family Health Care

Is it time to replace your EHR?

Probably, but you can’t bear the thought of going through another EHR implementation. You could give the EHR another year and see what changes. But what if nothing does? And how do you know your next choice is the right EHR for your health center?

Let's take it one question at a time

Are your providers frustrated because the EHR slows them down and they’re forced to work more hours to see the same number of patients?

  • Vision:CHC increases provider productivity. Sure, that’s what the other vendor claimed, but MSI’s Chief Medical Officer designed Vision:CHC so he could spend more time with his family.
  • Providers don’t need to navigate in and out of multiple screens to document patient information. With our unique 2-screen design, fewer screens and fewer mouse clicks mean more productivity.
  • Provider Dashboard allows overwhelmed providers to prioritize tasks, test results, prescription requests, consults, and more.
  • Providers can see one to two additional patients per day or go home to see their families.

After all this time, are your providers still uncomfortable with the EHR? It’s not their fault. Comfort level with an EHR is a personal matter. If the EHR can’t incorporate providers’ documentation styles and approaches to treatment, then your providers will never embrace it. 

  • Providers see what they need and where they want to see it because Vision:CHC is customizable.

Did the other vendor fail to deliver promised CHC customizations because they don’t understand community health centers and they’re too focused on private practices?

  • CHC workflow is more complex than a private practice and no two CHCs are alike. We know this because community health centers are our only business. And our Chief Medical Officer knows this because he’s an FQHC physician. Dr. Matthew Hahn designed Vision:CHC from the ground up for Community Health Centers.
  • Vision:CHC meets the workflow needs of community health centers as well as the individual style of each provider.

Does the EHR vendor stay current with industry standards and government regulations?

  • Community health centers face two moving targets: CHC regulations and healthcare industry regulations. For 30 years, MSI has helped CHCs meet these challenges.
  • With real-time quality reminders for each patient based on diagnosis, Meaningful Use and PCMH, Vision:CHC goes a step beyond.
  • FQHC billing, automatic sliding fee calculation, and instantaneous UDS reporting are integral to Vision:CHC– not an add-on.

Does your EHR help you improve outcomes?

  • Vision:CHC helps providers improve outcomes with technologies that facilitate patient education and involvement in their care. Most EHRs focus on the patient encounter and are not patient-centric. Today’s world is about rewarding performance, and the EHR is a key ingredient to patient engagement.

Have you outgrown your EHR?

  • Vision:CHC’s scalability accommodates the growth typical of most CHCs. Our clients are all sizes, with needs that range from basic to complex.
  • Our monthly subscription makes it cost-effective to expand.
  • As CHC experts with years of experience, we will guide you in the optimal use of Vision:CHC to support additional programs and services.

Can you get the reports you need from the EHR you have? Most systems are like a “black hole”: you enter all the data, but it’s impossible to get it out.

“Vision:CHC reports are a miracle because we can report on any data we enter!”

Nelissa Ortiz, Chief Operating Officer
Community Action Corporation of South Texas
  • We provide our clients with ready-to-run UDS reports, and real-time “easy on the eyes” dashboards to monitor compliance for Meaningful Use and PCMH, with drill-down to the patient.
  • We also provide financial dashboards so you can track the health of your center based on standards you set.
“I absolutely love our MSI Account Manager. In just a few words, I asked her for help in creating a complex report. Beautiful, simply marvelous! I’m talking about the report….”

Diane Thompson, Chief Information Office
Pasadena Health Center

Are you worried about losing your data if you convert to a new EHR?

  • Vision:CHC EHR Data Migration Program will convert your health center’s data with caution and precision because we know it’s your most valuable asset.

There are no reasons left to continue tolerating a counterproductive EHR. For details about converting to Vision:CHC, please call or email us at, and let’s get started!