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Practice Management

Vision:CHC is designed specifically for community health centers and public health departments.

Our dedication to community and public health means we focus exclusively on the clinical and operational environments of CHCs and public health departments,. We pro-actively develop and deploy Vision:CHC software solution to meet our clients’ unique needs and requirements.

The core of Vision:CHC is clinical, operational, financial, and reporting functions unique to Federally-Qualified Health Centers, FQHC Look-alikes, Public Health Departments, and Rural Health Centers. In Practice Management, these functions include:

  • Front desk staff access all functions from a centralized Appointment Console
  • Automatic patient quality care reminders for front desk staff
  • Easy check-in and work flow management
  • FQHC billing – Federal and State
  • Automatic sliding fee calculation
  • Paperless charge capture
  • Claim management and eligibility verification
  • UDS reporting, updated annually
  • Grant tracking
  • Customizable management dashboards
  • Claims are scrubbed for errors prior to submission
  • Claims wizard for easy claims submissions and re-submits
  • Billing staff access all functions from a centralized Billing Console
  • Integrated all-payer claims clearinghouse
  • Revenue cycle management and collections system
  • Electronic remittance
  • Drill-down reports to show performance against goals
  • Integrated clinical and operational appointment scheduling
  • Patient Portal for appointment billing communication and consent forms
  • Automatic report scheduler

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