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Electonic Health Records

Vision:CHC Electronic Health Records: designed by FQHC physicians for community and public health providers.

Vision:CHC feels natural to community and public health providers  because it was designed by FQHC physicians.

Its dynamic templates allow physicians to quickly create encounter notes during visits without diverting focus away from patients. Real-time query and reporting simplify chart reviews and aggregate reporting for Meaningful Use and the Registries.

Most importantly, Vision:CHC facilitates the delivery of quality care to a clinic’s patients and to the larger community.

Our Value Proposition

Vision:CHC is the only EHR designed from the ground up to help physicians do their job quickly and efficiently. Increased physician productivity gained through Vision:CHC translates into tangible economic support for the clinic. In fact, increased physician productivity will provide the health center with incremental cash revenue that is 3 times the cost of Vision:CHC.

Vision:CHC collects and aggregates clinical data real-time for Meaningful Use. Therefore, health center clinical and administrative staffs do not need to compile Meaningful Use statistics and reports. The integral efficiency of Vision:CHC means a reduction of hundreds and even thousands of hours spent in administrative time, which can be devoted to patient care.

  • Certified for Meaningful Use and PQRS
  • Designed by physicians with experience in community health
  • Simple, efficient design – Providers access and enter all patient data from only two screens
  • Real-time Meaningful Use dashboard for the patient and the entire clinic
  • Tasks are organized on a customizable Outstanding Work List (OWL) dashboard
  • Room Board for patient and work flow management
  • Evidence-based quality reporting
  • Real-time quality care reminders alert the provider of procedures and treatments to review
  • HIPAA-compliant and CCR/CCD-compatible electronic and paper patient summary
  • Patient portal
  • Electronic prescribing
  • Lab interface for orders and results
  • Document management
  • Correspondence generator
  • Interfaces to Immunization Registries, Disease Registries, and Health Information Exchanges

Among the core features of Vision:CHC are:

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