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Vision:CHC management reports fully address the unique reporting and information needs of Federally Qualified Health Centers, Public Health Departments, and Rural Health Centers.

One of a health center's most important assets is its data. Vision:CHC captures important data during patient registration, scheduling, clinical documentation, and billing. An outstanding value of Vision:CHC is its ability to access this data in a form that can be used for decision-making, grant applications, and mandated reporting.

Vision:CHC includes a built-in reporting tool that is easy to use and can access all of Vision:CHC’s data elements. Among the key features of Vision:CHC Reporting are:

  • A Report catalog with more than 200 reports designed exclusively for community and public health
  • A full set of UDS reports that are updated annually and are ready to run
  • Aggregate reports that are specifically designed for Meaningful Use, Health Disparities Collaborative Registries, State Registries, and Health Information Exchanges
  • An end-user report generator designed for grant, ad hoc, and evidence-based clinical report writing
  • All reports reside on the server for easy access and retrieval
  • All data are ODBC-compliant and can be exported in many standard formats
Sample Report from the Vision:CHC Report Catalog
To learn about Vision:CHC dashboards and monitoring performance, see the Vision:CHC Dashboard.
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