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Cloud Technology

Vision:CHC utilizes affordable and scalable technologies standard to the healthcare industry.

Cloud Computing – Anywhere, Anytime

All you need is an Internet connection. No additional hardware is required.

  • Minimize up-front implementation costs
  • Minimize ongoing hardware, software, and network maintenance
  • Minimize your IT staff resource requirements
  • Eliminate the risk of a data security breach. Our Data Centers use state-of-the-art HIPAA-compliant data security.

System Protection at No Charge

Even if you don’t use The Cloud:

  • We’ll protect you against server failure with an up-to-the-second, on-the-Cloud copy
  • So you can run reports without affecting staff performance, we’ll maintain another copy on your network.

The Most Widely-used Database Technology in Healthcare

Vision:CHC’s Caché database from InterSystems Corporation is used throughout the healthcare industry for mission-critical applications. Clinics, hospitals, and physician groups use our technology more than any other.

HL7 Compliant

Vision:CHC supports HL7 interfaces with labs, electronic dental records, and other third-party software products.


Vision:CHC includes Continuity of Care Record (CCR) and Continuity of Care Document (CCD) standards to connect to Health Information Exchanges. XML, CSV, XLS, and many other standard protocols are available for interchange, upload and interfacing.